New OIG Compliance Program Available!

As a condition of enrollment in Medicare, Medicaid and/or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the Affordable Care Act requires providers to establish a compliance program to prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

While Eagle Associates has had an OIG Compliance Program available for many years, we have completely revised the program to provide a more complete and user-friendly compliance system. Please review the features of the OIG Compliance Program below and feel free to contact us to discuss how this program could benefit your practice.

Program Features

Our OIG Compliance Program includes the following benefits and services:

  • American Practice Advisor subscription, including an annual OIG Fraud & Abuse Prevention training module.
  • A complete review of various fraud, waste and abuse laws.
  • A written policy manual to address fraud and abuse prevention methods, such as screening procedures, auditing and monitoring policies, reporting and investigation procedures, disciplinary actions and more.
  • An Implementation & Review Guide to help you implement policies, and conduct an annual review of program elements.
  • OIG orientation materials for initial training.
  • Our live support feature provides your practice access to our Compliance Consultants, who will answer any questions that you have about your compliance program.

In addition, we have recently partnered with a company that offers a unique and powerful tool for internal audits of patient encounters, ICD-10 code look-ups, coding guidelines and more.  SpringSoft Medical offers their cloud-based program, Swiftaudit, to improve revenue and compliance through objective auditing procedures.  All data is securely stored and accessible only to your practice for review and documentation purposes.  This program is offered as an optional companion tool with the OIG Compliance Program at a substantial discount.

If you need assistance establishing an OIG compliance program, please contact us for more information at (800) 777-2337 or email: