New OSHA Injury Tracking

New Requirements for Some Employers

For employers with 100 or more employees in designated high-hazard industries, there is a new requirement to electronically submit detailed information about each recordable injury and illness entered on their previous calendar year’s OSHA Form 300 Log and Form 301 Incident Report. The data will be used to better analyze injury trends related to specific industries, processes, or hazards. While OSHA plans to make most of the data that is submitted available to the public, it will take several steps to protect the identity of injured or ill workers. This article will help you determine whether this new requirement applies to your workplace and will provide an overview of the newly required reporting.

Healthcare-related industry classifications designated as high-hazard:

6219 – Other ambulatory health care services.

6221 – General medical and surgical hospitals.

6222 – Psychiatric & substance abuse hospitals.

6223 – Specialty (except psychiatric and substance abuse) hospitals.

6231 Nursing care facilities.

6232 – Residential mental retardation, mental health and substance abuse facilities.

6233 – Community care facilities for the elderly.

6239 – Other residential care facilities.

Only those workplaces that fall within one of the above listed categories that has also employed 100 or more employees at any point during the previous calendar year are subject to the new reporting requirements. If you still question whether your workplace is covered, you may access OSHA’s ITA Coverage Application here:

Affected workplaces must electronically submit their data through OSHA’s Injury Tracking Application (ITA). You may access the website here:

Requested information will include the date, physical location, and severity of the injury or illness; details about the worker who was injured; and details about how the injury or illness occurred. Information to be submitted is already required to be recorded on OSHA forms 300 and 301. (Workplaces that are covered by the new requirement are already required to submit information from their OSHA Form 300A Annual Summary.)

The ITA will begin accepting 2023 injury and illness data on January 2, 2024. The due date to complete this submission is March 2, 2024.