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Policy manuals, employee training and more for OSHA, HIPAA, and OIG compliance

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E-Compliance Training is designed to provide a paperless system for training and documentation to meet requirements for OSHA, HIPAA and OIG. New hire orientation materials are provided to help you accomplish initial training, as well as standard annual training topics and specialty topics, depending upon the specific needs of your practice.

Program Features

How it Works

Training materials are provided through our online program each month. Employees are provided access to download training materials, read them, and when ready, record their answers to a short training test that will provide your practice with necessary documentation of the training provided.

Immediate Feedback

Immediate feedback is provided upon submission of test answers, identifying correct and incorrect answers, including explanations to ensure each employee understands the training information.

Management Search Options

Managers will be provided with special access to view test data. A manager may search for an individual employee’s test, or view all employees’ tests that have been completed during the current calendar year.

Training Reports

Training reports can be pulled on demand by the training manager at any time, and as frequently as desired at no additional charge. The report is produced as a Microsoft Excel file, which can be saved and then sorted by any column. The report includes three tabs: a summary tab for a quick view of what each enrollee has taken, a detail report tab with complete documentation for each user, and tab that indicates what monthly tests a person has not yet taken for the year. A ten year archive of all training documentation is also maintained by Eagle Associates in our master database to ensure your compliance with record keeping requirements.

One Fee for Unlimited Training

A complete package of OSHA, HIPAA and OIG training is offered for as little as $25.00 per participant, per year. Discounted fees may be offered to large groups of participants. A fee of $400 per year is charged for groups enrolling less than 20 participants.

Demonstration Videos

Click on the video demonstrations below to learn how to use the e-Compliance Training program. If you would prefer a live demonstration via webinar, contact Jennifer by email at, or by phone at (800) 777‑2337.

Video: How to Obtain Training Materials and Take a Test Online

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Video: How to Use the Manager Features

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