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Policy manuals, employee training and more for OSHA, HIPAA, and OIG compliance

Compliance Network Powered by Eagle Associates, Inc. HCS: our HIPAA Compliance System

Our HIPAA Compliance System includes a fully written policy manual that is organized into sections by HIPAA rules and standards for quick reference. Some of the policies include:

  • Privacy Rule policies, including breach notification rules
  • Identity verification procedures
  • Security Standard policies
  • Federal Identifier rule
  • Enforcement rule

A full array of HIPAA-compliant forms and templates for documentation requirements, such as Notice of Privacy Practices, patient authorization forms, and business associate agreements are included.

Program Features

Policy Updates

Policy updates will be provided to address changes in HIPAA regulations, as well as published audit protocols, interpretations and guidance documents. We constantly monitor for emerging regulations, as well as recent enforcement actions to help ensure our clients remain compliant going forward.

Annual Audit Plan

HCS includes an annual audit plan, or schedule of compliance activities required to maintain compliance each year. Completion of the audit plan helps you to fully implement your HIPAA program, and provides required documentation of policy review activities.

Security Risk Analysis

A Security Risk Analysis workbook is included to help you meet Security Rule requirements, and for MIPS/APM attestation. The Security Risk Analysis is integrated with the HIPAA Policy Manual and provided forms, to minimize the work that must be done to meet Security Rule standards.

Employee Training

An employee HIPAA orientation handbook is provided for initial training of newly hired employees. Ongoing Privacy and Security Rule training is provided in the Compliance Training section of our monthly newsletter, the American Practice Advisor®. We provide you with instruction and tools to ensure your training requirements are met, and properly documented.

Advisor® Subscription

HCS includes an annual subscription to the American Practice Advisor®. This publication includes employee training materials in eleven of the twelve monthly issues, as well as helpful articles on a vast array of compliance topics, and emerging regulatory news.

Live Support

Unlimited consulting is available to you via phone or email at no additional cost. Our staff is a quick and reliable resource for answers to compliance questions.

Compliance Response

Eagle Associates will assist you in developing a written response, and plan of corrective action if necessary, in response to an inquiry by the Office for Civil Rights (the enforcement agency for HIPAA’s Privacy Rule and Security Standard) at no additional cost to your practice.

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