Run, Hide, Fight

Several active shooter situations have been tragically chronicled in the news recently. We have received a number of questions from clients regarding the concept of Run, Hide, Fight (published by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS)).  While the thought of an active shooter in your workplace may seem remote, you can prepare for such an event.

Concept – Run, Hide, Fight is comprised of three basic actions.

  1. Run from the area if you can.
  2. Hide if you cannot run.
  3. Fight if all else fails.

Run, Hide, Fight is Not a Normal Response – While this concept makes common sense, our brains will often cause us to be frozen and/or unable to act or think clearly when confronted with a volatile situation.  Freezing is not a choice, but rather a built-in instinct that automatically happens went confronted by external threats.

Sometimes freezing is brief and other times it persists. This can reflect the particular situation you are in, but also your individual predisposition. Some people naturally have the ability to think through a stressful situation, or to even be motivated by it, and will more readily run, hide or fight as required. But for others, additional help is needed.

Run, Hide, Fight Requires Discussion, Planning, and Training – Since freezing is a normal response, there is a need for discussion and plannign to help train the mind to respond differently.

For more information on the Run, Hide, Fight concept, along with planning and training information, see the article in the March 2016 issue of the Advisor.