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Policy manuals, employee training and more for OSHA, HIPAA, and OIG compliance

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Management Consulting provides your practice with expertise, and direct support to improve compliance through assessment, organization, and monitoring of activities to meet regulatory requirements. In simple terms, MC takes the worry and confusion out of HIPAA, OSHA and OIG compliance. Management Consulting is a complete, and affordable compliance suite that includes the following services:

Management Consulting services include a combination of web-based features, and direct, one-on-one support with an assigned Compliance Consultant.

Program Features

Compliance Assessment

Eagle Associates conducts an initial assessment to identify the current level of your practice’s compliance with HIPAA, OSHA and OIG requirements.

Compliance Plan

The assessment will identify immediate corrective actions and recommendations for improving compliance. We will provide your practice with a manageable number of compliance activities on a monthly basis, and monitor their completion over a twelve-month period.

Policy Manual Management

Eagle Associates will provide management of policies for OSHA, HIPAA and OIG compliance through our related compliance programs. Policy manuals will be provided, and updated as necessary to address changes in regulatory requirements and/or the practice.

Compliance Activity Monitoring

Your compliance consultant will monitor your progress and provide regular feedback to keep your practice moving toward regulatory compliance. Secure, web-based storage of compliance documents allows the practice to access necessary records, and provides your Consultant a convenient method of providing regular progress reports, and compliance activity materials.

Employee Training Management

Eagle Associates will provide all required employee compliance training materials, utilizing either a complete paper-based training program, or Eagle Associate’s online employee training program. (The web-based program is optional.)

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